Work in Slovakia

If you moved to Slovakia and successfully got a job, your employer will issue you a certificate of employment. This certificate of employment will be part of the application for a work permit.
Then you need to contact the labor office, where you must submit the following documents:
  • An employment contract or a letter of employment
  • Confirmation of your qualifications
  • A copy of your passport
  • Official application
    form for a work permit (filled in Slovak and signed)
  • Copy of the residence document
    if it was provided to you
  • A copy of a document confirming your status as a third-country national
    with recognized long-term residence in another EU Member State (if applicable)
  • Certified copy of commercial contract
    or copy of internal translation (in case of internal translation)
  • Written power of attorney
    If the application is submitted on your behalf by your future employer or the company to which you were referred). Your signature must be certified by a notary.
It can take a long time to obtain a work permit, sometimes it takes one month.
It is possible to renew your work permit, but you must remember that the work permit is linked to your employment contract. If the contractual relationship with your employer ends, your work permit will also end, which may affect your stay in Slovakia.

Popular professions in Slovakia

Teaching English is a popular choice for employment if you are a foreigner and have moved to Slovakia. Employers usually want to get a TOEFL certificate from applicants, and in the ideal case, the employee should have a university degree, which guarantees a higher salary.
The manufacturing sector dominates in Slovakia. The service sector (administrative and office work) is also widespread, but here you usually also need to speak Slovak.
IT is the fastest growing sector in Slovakia. If you have digital skills, then moving to Slovakia will open up many opportunities for you.
Most of the available vacancies are located in Bratislava, Kosice, Presov or tourist centers.
Работа в Словакии
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