Residence permit
in Slovakia for employment

Residence permit for employment can be obtained by residents of other countries who come to work in Slovakia, including those coming for seasonal work. In order for a foreigner to be employed, a company in Slovakia must apply to the Employment Office for a permit. Only after that you can apply for a residence permit.

A large number of citizens of other countries work in Slovakia, who are employed mainly in factories. But there is also a high demand for laborers, for example, they are looking for electricians, builders, engineers, masons and other specialties. With such skills, finding a job in Slovakia will be very easy. At the same time, a very important nuance is that in Slovakia, residents of other countries have the right to work only if they have a labor residence permit. Our company provides assistance in the process of obtaining a residence permit for employment, having the necessary knowledge and experience.
трудоустройство в Словакии
Stages of obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia
The first task of a foreign citizen is to find an employer who will hire a citizen of another country. It is important that the employer’s company must be registered with the Ministry of Labor and an application must be submitted that there are vacancies.

To apply for a residence permit in Slovakia, you need to collect all the necessary documents for this:
Photographs (2 pieces)
An agreement concluded with the employer
A certificate confirming the absence of a criminal record with an apostille
A certificate of place of residence
A receipt confirming the payment of the state duty
The specialists of our company will help you to collect all the documents that are needed to obtain a residence permit.
How can we help you?
EuroUnion has many years of experience in cooperation with employers from Slovakia. We can help you to find a job matching your wishes and skills. We also help with issuing an official invitation, collecting and submitting documents for obtaining a residence permit.
We will guide you through the main stages of obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia for employment:

Searching for a job and an employer in a suitable industry

Receiving an invitation
Collecting and submitting documents for a residence permit
Obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia
We provide turnkey services to all our clients.
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What are the advantages of obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia?
Obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia gives many advantages to citizens of other countries. Among the advantages are the following ones:
  • Possibility to permanently reside in Slovakia for the duration of work.
  • Availability of an account in a European bank.
  • It is allowed to travel freely within the Schengen countries.
  • Residence permit provides access to certain types of social benefits, as well as free medical cooperation.
  • A residence permit makes it possible to engage in entrepreneurial activities in any of the EU countries.
  • Children of a foreigner with a residence permit have the opportunity to study free of charge at a school, college or university in Slovakia.
  • After 5 years, you can get permanent residence, and after 10 years you can ally for citizenship.
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