Work permit in Slovakia

The labor market in Slovakia is relatively small, and the unemployment rate is among the highest in the European Union. Yet Slovakia has many interesting job opportunities for foreigners.
A work permit is issued for a maximum of 2 years. For seasonal work, this is a maximum of 6 months. There must be a break between two jobs of at least 6 months.
The work permit is non-transferable. This means that the document can only be provided to work with a particular employer, and it is also mandatory in relation to the type of work and place of work. If you want to change employer, you must submit a new application.
A work permit is issued by the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family with local competence at the future place of work. The statutory deadline for consideration of an application for employment is 30 days.
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An application for a work permit must be submitted to the competent labor office. A work permit application form can be sent to you by our consultant.
An application for a work permit is always accompanied by proof of education. The Labor Office does not require a medical certificate. But if this is a profession where such evidence is required by law, ask your future employer for it.
If a foreigner doesn’t get a job or if his work ends before the expiration of the period specified in the permit, the employer is obliged to report this to the competent authority within 7 working days.
The work permit can be renewed, even repeatedly, but always for a maximum period of 2 years. A request to renew a work permit must be submitted no later than 30 days before the expiration date. A request for an extension of a work permit is an employer’s statement that he will continue to hire a foreign worker. The condition for extending the work permit is that the worker will work with the same employer.
If a foreign citizen wants to contact another employer, he must submit a new application for a work permit.

A work permit in Slovakia expires if:

  • 1
    The period for which it was granted expires
  • 2
    Employment ends before the end of the period for which it was granted
  • 3
    The residence permit expires
  • 4
    An asylum seeker loses the right to work in Slovakia because the asylum procedure has ended

The labor office that issued the work permit may revoke the work permit if:

  • A foreigner violates generally binding legal norms.
  • A foreigner does not go to work that he received.

Job search in Slovakia

If you are looking for a job in Slovakia:
  • 1
    Try searching at, a large job catalog in Slovakia
  • 2
    Use Career Jet, the Slovak job search engine. Just one site gives job seekers access to a huge selection of job openings that come from various Internet websites, eliminating the need to visit each site individually.
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