Transport in Slovakia

Railways in Slovakia

The website of the Slovak Railways provides information on timetables, prices, travel duration and whether you need to change trains to get to your final destination.
Tickets can be bought online, as well as at the ticket office of the railway station or at some railway stations in ticket machines. A staff member may ask you which type of train you would prefer if you are shopping at the ticket office. To select your desired seat, you can book it (in Slovak: “miestenka”), as trains can get crowded, especially on Fridays and Sundays when students travel to and from educational institutions. International trains run several times a day from several railway stations in the country. In most of them, seat booking is mandatory.
Железная дорога в Словакии

Travel by bus

While trains are more convenient, buses are sometimes more suitable as they connect most cities and villages in Slovakia. This is a reliable mode of transport, which is distinguished by its European comfort.
The first thing to do is to visit the online route service, where you can find useful information about the schedule, route duration, prices, stops, etc.
For international bus trips, you can buy tickets at the ticket office or travel agency. Eurolines is one of the largest providers of international lines, working together with its in-house subsidiary Slovak Lines.
For international lines operated by Eurolines, you can buy/book a ticket online on their website.
You can also upgrade to a Flixbus connection in Slovakia, a transport company that works with over 2500 travel destinations in 34 countries across Europe.
The student agency also provides several international and domestic routes with special prices for students (tickets can be bought online).
автобус в Словакии
How to buy a bus ticket?
As a rule, when traveling by bus in Slovakia, you can buy tickets upon boarding. You can buy a ticket with seat booking for intercity buses at the box office of any bus station or in some cases online.

Travel by air

There are three international airports in Slovakia: in Bratislava (“M. R. Stefanik International Airport”), in Kosice (“Kosice International Airport”) and in Poprad (“Poprad-Tatry International Airport”).
Vienna Airport in Austria, Budapest Airport in Hungary or Katowice Airport in Poland are other international airports in neighboring countries that are widely used by Slovaks as well as foreigners when arriving in Slovakia or leaving the country because they are very close and have excellent tourist infrastructure with Slovakia.

Local transport

The municipal public transport system in Slovakia is quite reliable. The public transport network, usually buses and trolleybuses, as well as the tram network in Bratislava and Kosice, covers most cities. Opening hours are usually from 5:00 to 23:00. After 23:00 there are several night bus routes. Each city is responsible for managing its own public transport.
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