Immigration to Europe and residence permit in Slovakia for Moldovans (citizens of Moldova)

Residents of the Republic of Moldova can plan to move to Europe, so it is important to get acquainted with the option of obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship. These are all different statuses that are formalized after a few years.
Considering the different countries of Europe, Moldovans should pay attention first of all to Slovakia, as it is in the center of Europe and close enough to their border.
In addition, Slovakia offers simple conditions for moving, no special difficulties with the application for a residence permit and opportunities for business development, or career growth in companies of the country.
ВНЖ в Словакии для молдаван
Very well, if you know the Slovak language, but if not, then it is not a problem to learn it by studying with a tutor or in a language school. Knowing the language gives more freedom and opportunities.
As for the standard of living, it is more than decent, and with an average monthly salary of 1,300 euros, the inhabitants of the country feel well and can afford to buy quality food, things, pay medical insurance and travel.
The labor market in Slovakia is large enough and there are always open vacancies, but also, in some niches is not very competitive for starting your own business.
Moldovans can obtain an ID card with a residence permit in Slovakia based on:
  • 1
    Business registration
  • 2
    Official employment
  • 3
    Admission to the university
  • 4
    Family reunions
Our employees can help you with each of the options, we also provide turnkey services, relieving you of unnecessary worries.

Business and residence permit in Slovakia for Moldovans

Having obtained the status of an individual entrepreneur and having opened your business in Slovakia, you can get a residence permit and all the benefits that it provides. For example, you will have the opportunity to move to any other country of the European Union without obtaining other documents, travel to these countries without visas, work, live and build a business.
By the way, when it comes to business, it does not have to be a company with employees or large investments. You can work in a taxi, or make money on the Internet, open your own salon and any other simple type of business.
Just consider that there are free activities, and there are those that require additional licenses or permits. Our company helps with the paperwork if you need this service.
Once the certificate confirming the registration of individual business is obtained, it is possible to apply for a residence permit in Slovakia on this basis. Duration of the procedure 3-4 months.
ВНЖ в Словакии для молдаван
Looking for help in obtaining a European residence permit?
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Student residence permit for Moldovans in Slovakia

Moldovans who have graduated from a school or college can consider for themselves the option of entering a European university in Slovakia. There are both public and commercial options.
For admission to free tuition, it is necessary to pass the entrance exams, as well as to have an excellent certificate, and knowledge of the Slovak language. But there is always an option to enter the university for paid training, and also to get a residence permit.
Our specialists help with the search of the university, as well as with the submission of documents, translation, nostrification and apostille. As soon as the confirmation of official admission to the university is received, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit, as without it there is no possibility to live and study in Slovakia.
Student residence permit allows you to work up to 4 hours a day. Time to obtain the documents for student residence permit takes on average 1-2 months

Residence permit for work in Slovakia

Moldovans often see European countries as a form of earning money, as wages are higher than at home. Nevertheless, to have the right to live and work legally in a European country, you need to have a residence permit.
Although, it has its nuances, namely, having obtained a residence permit in Slovakia based on employment, you have the right to work only for a Slovak employer. But taking into account the wages, everyone’s happy.
To obtain a work residence permit in Slovakia, it is required to obtain an official invitation to work from a Slovak employer. You can either find it yourself or contact us for help.
After receiving the letter, you need to collect a full set of documents and submit for consideration. The average processing time is 2 months.

Obtaining residence permits for Moldovans through family reunification

This is a popular way to obtain a residence permit for those whose relatives already have a residence permit in Slovakia. The family reunification program was established to ensure that the husband was not separated from his wife and children or from his parents.
Moldovans who have received a residence permit in Slovakia under the family reunification program have the same opportunities as their relatives. They can work, build a business, travel, study in Slovak educational institutions, apply for a mortgage, etc.

Where to apply for a residence permit?

To apply for a residence permit in Slovakia, you must contact one of the services
  • 1
    Consulate of Slovakia in Chisinau
  • 2
    Relocation Service in Slovakia.
We will prepare for you all the necessary documents, make all the translations and you will only need to submit them. Moldovans can come to Slovakia without a visa and submit documents to the immigration service, but if you need to represent your interests, you can contact us for this service.
We are ready to answer your questions, as well as to conclude an agreement for cooperation
Leave an application on the website or call us if you are planning to move from Moldova to Europe.
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