Immigration to Europe and residence permit in Slovakia for Azerbaijanis (citizens of Azerbaijan)

To legally reside in Europe, work or build a business, you need to obtain a residence permit. Considering all European countries, we suggest dwelling on Slovakia. It is a country that offers a simple residence permit process as well as a decent standard of living, with salaries averaging 1,300 euros per person per month. This is enough to ensure a good life. In addition, having obtained a residence permit in Slovakia, you can relocate the rest of the family members under the reunification program. If you have children, they will be able to study for free in a European school, and subsequently in a college, university, having received European diplomas. This opens the door to a better future and the opportunity to build a successful career in any country in Europe.
Moving from Azerbaijan to Europe means entering a country with a completely different mentality, but also with a higher standard of living and quality medical education.
внж для азербайджанцев

How can Azerbaijanis get a residence permit in Slovakia?

Azerbaijani citizens can move to Slovakia and receive an ID card with a residence permit on various grounds. Also, after 5 years of residence in a country with a residence permit, you can submit the relevant documents for obtaining permanent residence, and subsequently, after another 5 years, obtain citizenship. That is, from now on, after 10 years, you can become a citizen of a European country, which in turn gives many advantages for life.
Having the status of residence permit on certain grounds, Azerbaijanis can take a loan in Slovakia, an apartment in mortgage or take a car leasing.
The grounds for obtaining a residence permit may be:
  • 1
    Business in Slovakia, with the condition of registration of individual entrepreneurship.
  • 2
    Business in Slovakia, with the condition of registration of individual entrepreneurship.
  • 3
    Business in Slovakia, with the condition of registration of individual entrepreneurship.
  • 4
    Business in Slovakia, with the condition of registration of individual entrepreneurship.
These are the most popular options, but a residence permit can also be issued through sports and participation in one of the sports clubs.

Registration of residence permit for Azerbaijanis in Slovakia through business

Starting a business is one of the common options as it offers many benefits. Especially if you worked for yourself in Azerbaijan, it will be easy for you to start the same business in Slovakia.
There are business activities in the country that require a license or an appropriate permit, but there is a free activity. For example, a taxi driver can work without any additional information. But opening a nail salon, you need to have special licenses, as well as certificates of completion of courses.
To open a business, you need to get the status of an individual entrepreneur. You can submit documents on arrival to Slovakia on a visa «D» or remotely, through our specialists.
ВНЖ для азербайджанцев в Словакии через бизнес
Once you become an individual entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to apply for a residence permit in Slovakia. How to do this, can suggest our consultants, as well as we provide services «turnkey», saving you from the hassle associated with this process. The term of registration of residence on this. The term of obtaining a residence permit on this basis takes an average of up to 4 months.
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Labor residence permit in Slovakia for citizens of Azerbaijan

This is the option that is most suitable for those who do not plan to stay for permanent residence in Slovakia but are considering a temporary move in order to earn money.
It is possible to obtain an ID-card with a residence permit in Slovakia based on employment only under a certain condition - it is necessary to receive an official invitation from the employer.
An important nuance: with this residence permit it is allowed to work only for Slovak employers, without changing the country.
Our company helps with finding a suitable job and obtaining an official invitation from the employer to obtain a working residence permit. The term for consideration of documents is an average of 2 months.

Residence permit in Slovakia for Azerbaijani students

Future students from Azerbaijan often consider the option of obtaining education in a European country, due to a completely different level and quality of knowledge.
You can enter a free university in Slovakia if you have the appropriate level of knowledge and successfully pass the entrance exams.
Our company provides its assistance with the search for a university, with the submission of documents, translation and nostrification.
Having entered a Slovak university and received a letter with official enrollment, it is necessary to prepare the appropriate package of documents and submit them for a residence permit.
Documents are considered within1-2 months.
ВНЖ в Словакии для студентов-азербайджанцев

Family reunification program for Azerbaijanis with residence permits in Slovakia

Slovakia offers foreigners who have moved and received a residence permit to relocate their family members. To make it possible, a family reunification program was created, according to which the relocated Azerbaijanis receive a status and all opportunities for employment, starting a business, and studying. What is more, in the future, you can apply for permanent residence, and subsequently - citizenship.
Terms of obtaining - 3 months.

Submission of documents for a residence permit

Collecting documents and translating them is one part, the second is submitting them to the relevant authorities. There are two options:
  • 1
    Immigration service in Slovakia
    You can come on a D visa and submit the documents yourself or do it through us.
  • 2
    Consulate of Slovakia in your country
Our staff can advise you the best options for your specific situation
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