TOP-5 questions before moving to Slovakia

Is it safe in Slovakia? What are the safest and most dangerous places to live in Bratislava?
Slovakia ranked 26th out of 163 countries in the 2021 Global Peace Index and 19th out of 36 countries in Europe. The rate of crime, violence and vandalism, based on Eurostat data, is one of the lowest in Europe and is at the same level as among the Nordic countries.
Like other major cities in Europe, Bratislava has its smaller areas with a worse reputation, for example, Stavbarska Street, called the Pentagon by the locals. In the Podunajske Biskupitse area and Kopchianska Street in the Petrzalka area it is not very calm either.
The most dangerous places in Slovakia are the Bratislava II district, Kosice and Trnava, as well as Glochovec and Piestany, according to crime maps published by the police at the end of October 2016.
What you need to know about health care in Slovakia?
The emergency medical service arrives at the place of call within 10-15 minutes throughout the country. Medical care in public hospitals is paid for through public health insurance. Every working foreigner in Slovakia is entitled to state health insurance, but he needs to register with one of the three health insurance companies that offer additional information for foreigners in English on their web pages:,,

The latter provides for special health insurance also for those foreigners who are not entitled to state health insurance. Many public hospitals are in the “renovation” mode and that is why foreigners prefer to use private clinics, where in general the service is better and the doctors know more languages.
How much does a family of four need for a decent life in Slovakia?
According to the Statistical Office, the average Slovak spends 948 euros per month on food and non-alcoholic drinks (867 euros, a drink for 81 euros).
Where can I learn Slovak and how long will it take?
Slovak is a little easier for foreigners coming from the Slavic group of languages, as some words may be similar. Therefore, if you speak Russian, there will be no problems with quick learning. In order to learn the Slovak language, you can contact private tutors or enroll in a language school.
What conditions must be met to get a bank account?
A person who wants to get a bank account must be over 18 years old (in the case of student accounts, the age limit is reduced to 15 years).
Banks such as VÚB, Tatra banka or ČSOB offer the easiest way to open an account: foreigners only need a passport or identity card (the latter is only applicable to EU residents).
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