Internship in Slovakia: why is it a great choice?

Slovakia is a country in the very center of Europe, and this is already an important advantage for interns who can travel to other countries in their free time. The duration of the internship can be up to 5 months, and during this time, you will be able to get to know the culture of Slovakia better.
Interns have a great opportunity to make new acquaintances with local residents, find friends, and maybe even meet a soul mate. Slovaks are very friendly to foreigners and welcome everyone.

The capital of Slovakia is the best choice if you are visiting this country for the first time. Location and size of Bratislava make it perfect for students with an interest in European culture who want to practice in a niche they can learn quickly and easily. Especially if you are an English-speaking trainee, your language skills will be highly appreciated by employers in Bratislava.
Bratislava’s rich historical sites, vibrant architecture of the city center, and accessible walking trails also make the city a great place for independent living and internships.
Стажировка в Словакии

How to find an internship in Slovakia?

International program internship
The easiest, but the most expensive approach is to apply for (and pay for) an international program that will transfer you to an internship. These programs can handle the logistics and coordination of an internship for you, but they can cost thousands of dollars, and that’s without travel expenses.
The AISEC program offers internship and volunteer programs in Slovakia for a lower fee, and participants have the opportunity to receive a living bursary.
Government-sponsored internship programs
A cheaper option is to look for government-sponsored internship programs or grants that can cover or offset the cost of your time abroad. Students in the EU and countries accepted for the Erasmus+ internship program can seek internships in Slovakia through Placement Slovakia.
The most difficult but most rewarding way to find an internship in Bratislava is to find it yourself. Apply to companies, schools and individual entrepreneurs that work with foreign interns and that are focused on your interests. You don’t need to have a contact with an organization to ask if they offer internships, and your foreign language skills can be useful in various organizations.

Can I get funding for an internship abroad?

An internship abroad may not be paid, but you can talk to the host organization about possible assistance with accommodation, transportation, or meals.
If your university has an international education center or study abroad program, find out if they offer scholarships or grants that can be applied to internships abroad. They can connect you to other private or public funding sources that provide financial assistance to students who wish to complete an internship in another country.
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