Accommodation options in Slovakia for international students

Most higher education institutions offer housing in hostels. Their standards may differ. Usually 2-4 students are accommodated in one room, but rooms for one person are also available. The rooms are equipped with beds, tables and wardrobes. Bathrooms are usually shared between two rooms, or there is one shared bathroom and toilet for the entire floor.

Most dormitories have a canteen or buffet where meals are available at lower prices and are usually open during the school year. Lunch or dinner costs between 1.50 and 5 euros. Some hostels have their own gyms, swimming pools, fitness centers, etc.
The price per bed varies from hostel to hostel depending on the city, location and room type. You can pay from €45 per month up to €140. Most of the rooms have internet access, and there are self-service laundromats in most accommodations.
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Note: Students who wish to study in the Slovak Republic outside of bilateral agreements or exchange programs cannot be guaranteed a place in a dormitory because of the limited capacity of each building. If a student is interested in living in a dormitory, he must contact the university at least 3 months before the start of his studies or before the start of the relevant academic year. Many universities provide information about their residence halls on their websites.
Renting an apartment
The easiest way (other than staying in a dormitory) is to rent a private apartment. In such cases, it is recommended that you sign a lease agreement with your future landlord, specifying the terms and conditions of your stay in the apartment.
The apartments must be equipped with dishes, linens, etc. Most apartments have washing machines, but automatic dryers are not used as a rule.
You can also find a shared room or apartment through social media or through rental websites. There are also Facebook groups dedicated to finding roommates and apartments to rent, or Facebook groups for international students in every city where it’s easy to find a roommate.
жилье в Словакии

Electrical appliances and computers in Slovakia

In Slovakia, the used electrical system is 230V/50Hz, and the appliances are designed for a round plug and a socket with an external earthing pin.

For safety reasons and to avoid damage to electrical appliances, it is important to bring equipment designed for the specified frequency and voltage, use two-volt equipment or voltage converters/transformers. In addition, you will also need a plug adapter if your device is built according to other standards. For those who use standard American equipment: laptops, computers and printers, a ground step-down transformer is required. Even with the most expensive transformers, a chose watch should be kept on power supply.

These are very important nuances for a comfortable stay in a rented apartment or in a dormitory.
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