Top 5 reasons why you should choose living in Slovakia

Living in Slovakia has many advantages that you probably already know about. We have collected the top 5 reasons, which, in our opinion, are very important when choosing a country in Europe for moving or obtaining a residence permit.
Slovakia is a stable country with growing potential in the heart of Europe.
The country has been part of the European Union since 2004. Since then, Slovakia has been integrated into European support networks, started using the euro currency and has established itself as a respected partner for countries around the world. Arriving in Slovakia, the doors to the whole of Europe are open for you!
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жизнь в Словакии
The public health system is accessible to all
There are many countries where you would pay a lot just for basic health care, but it is not Slovakia. Having health insurance is mandatory, but once you have it, you will always have access to quality public health care. There are special conditions that apply to graduate students and researchers depending on which country you come from, but as a rule, if you work, your employer pays for public health insurance for you.
Do you want to move in with your family? Slovakia provides a free public education system
If you intend to move to Slovakia and take your spouse and children with you, this is easy to do! From kindergarten to universities, admission to public educational institutions is free.
Brilliant Slovak research groups are members of prestigious international research networks
Н Research institutes in Slovakia are members of prestigious international research organizations and networks such as CERN, JINR, ESA, ICGEB, CESSDA EUREKA, COST and many others. Country teams apply for national and European grants and are viable partners in international project consortiums. To find the study group that is right for you, check out the sample list of study groups in Slovakia, which is available online.
Location – the center of Europe!
The position of Slovakia in th center of Europe gives you excellent opportunities to travel in all directions! Slovakian capital Bratislava is only an hour from Vienna and a two-hour bus ride from Budapest. Up to 6 international airports in and around Slovakia offer frequent and cheap flights to every European metropolis, and a network of high-speed roads connects Slovakia with all neighboring countries, not to mention trains. By the way, the student is entitled to significant discounts on rail transport.

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