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Do you intend to go to Europe and work in a free schedule and, most importantly, for yourself? If you don’t have much start-up capital to launch your business, but you have your own car, this means there is a solution. Become a taxi driver and earn money every day. In European countries, it is very popular to use taxi services, so there will always be orders. Depending on the class of the car, the cost of the trip will be determined. Delivery of the car from 1.40 euros, and then the tariff can be from 0.50 euros per km. On average, a taxi driver earns 8 euros for a distance of 10 km.

By opening your taxi business in Slovakia, you can sign an agreement with one of the taxi companies, for example, Uber or Bolt. This is very convenient, since the company finds customers for you, and you work through the application on your smartphone. That is, no one really controls you and you can work at a time convenient for you.
бизнес такси в Словакии
To organize a business, you practically do not need to have start-up capital, only your car and a Slovak license.
But opening such a business has a big advantage, namely, the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia.

Stages of starting a taxi business in Slovakia

Our experts have analyzed this niche and identified five main stages that must be considered when developing a taxi business in Slovakia. Let's talk about each in more detail.
STAGE 1. Getting the status of an individual entrepreneur
In order to carry out legal activities and not be punished for violating the law, it is recommended to register as an individual entrepreneur. That is, you need to register an individual entrepreneur, and you will be able to provide private taxi services.
Once you receive a certificate of state registration of your business, you will have a great opportunity to apply for a business residence permit.
STAGE 2. Obtaining a residence permit
This is a stage that will simplify the further implementation of business activities and open up more opportunities, such as traveling around the Schengen countries.
You should be aware that it may take 3-4 months to obtain a residence permit. After you receive a certificate of state registration of an individual entrepreneur, you need to collect a complete package of documents and apply for a residence permit on the basis of a business. Documents are submitted to the immigration police or consulate in your country. All of them must be translated into Slovak, and some must be with an apostille.

What are the advantages of obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia?

1. You are able to take loans. For example, you can buy an apartment on a mortgage, or a car on lease.
2. You can study in Slovakia free of charge.
3. You can take your family members with you.
4. Get citizenship in 10 years.
5. Travel around Europe without a visa.

These are significant advantages, so you should think about opening your business in a European country and start living better.
We don’t advise you to deal with the process of obtaining a residence permit on your own, as this is not a very simple procedure. If you make a mistake the first time, you will have to wait much longer for a new verification. If you work with us, we will help you to collect all the necessary documents, translate them into Slovak, affix an apostille and submit them to the immigration police or consulate. You can count on obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia on the first try.
STAGE 3. Private taxi license – from 500 euros.
If you are going to be engaged in transporting people in your car, providing them with private taxi services, it is important to obtain the appropriate licenses for this activity.
The specialists of our company provide their assistance in obtaining a license in a short time.
STAGE 4. Register with a taxi company
One of the popular companies in Slovakia is Bolt, and many choose it because it offers independent collaboration. How does it work? There are two sides: you are a private entrepreneur with a license and provide taxi services; taxi company Bolt, which has a reputation, an application and regular customers. They take orders from people, pass them on to you. After that, the profit is divided as a percentage.

A big plus of working with a taxi company is independence and the opportunity to be a private entrepreneur, but at the same time, you do not need to worry about where to get clients, how to launch advertising and other nuances of promoting a personal brand. You will always have orders, as they are all displayed in the application of the taxi company, and you can freely choose the one that suits you. You will always have a stable income, while you can work when it suits you. Consider other taxi company offerings such as Uber.
STAGE 5. Accounting and reports
This is the last and important stage that is important to take care of when opening your taxi business in Slovakia. Remember that you are a private entrepreneur, and despite the fact that you work with a taxi company, no one has canceled the obligation to submit reports.
In this case, it is recommended to use the services of an outsourced accountant, moreover, the cost is affordable – from 30 euros per month, and you don’t have to understand the nuances of accounting and how to submit reports to the tax office.
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