Business online with a home office in Slovakia

Working as a freelancer, you can live anywhere in the world, it all depends on your desire and capabilities. If you provide web development, web design, copywriting, SEO promotion and any other services that are related to the Internet, then it’s time to make decisions and develop further, namely, to change the country.

Just imagine that you can live in Europe, doing the same things as in your own country, while you will have a completely different environment, and most importantly, the opportunity to learn a language, find more solvent clients, or even get a job in a European company where your income immediately increase several times.
Бизнес в Интернете в Словакии
Бизнес в Интернете в Словакии
If you live currently in your own country and earn from 1000 euros per month, this means that you can safely start collecting documents and prepare them for applying for a residence permit, but initially you need to open an individual entrepreneur, which will become the basis for obtaining a residence permit.

In Slovakia, you can develop a business on the Internet without obtaining licenses or permits, this is a completely free type of activity, you only need to register as a private entrepreneur, and then in order to be eligible to apply for a residence permit based on starting a business. In Slovakia, an individual entrepreneur is required to pay income tax once a year at a rate of 15%.

What are the advantages of opening your business on the Internet in Slovakia?

The most important thing is that Slovakia is a European country, and this is a completely different standard of living, different standards and opportunities for life. The advantages of starting a business in Slovakia include the following:
  • Citizenship
    Opportunity to obtain a residence permit, and after 10 years to apply for citizenship.
  • Give freedom to your family
    Through the reunification program, you can take your entire family to Slovakia, and they will also receive a residence permit, and then they will be able to apply for citizenship.
  • Business development
    Doing business and cooperation with companies and other private entrepreneurs from Europe.
  • Travel Europe
    You can travel without visas throughout the Schengen area, as well as change your place of residence to another EU country.
  • Standard of living
    Significantly better quality of life, with higher service.
  • Schools and universities are free
    Your children will be able to study for free in a European school, college or university.
  • Ecology
    There is clean air and ecology in Slovakia, and accordingly you will feel better.
The cost of living in Europe is slightly higher than in the CIS countries, but it is worth remembering that wages in Slovakia are also higher. New clients will pay you more and you will be able to live decently in Europe, working for yourself and running your own business as a self-employed person.

Stages of starting an online business in Slovakia

In fact, everything is quite simple, if you know about all the stages and go through them. We have collected information about six main ones, and we want to share it with you.
STAGE 1. Registration of individual entrepreneurship
The registration period is about 2 weeks, documents can be submitted remotely, being in your own country. In addition to the basic package of documents, you are additionally required to provide certificates that will confirm your financial situation, namely:

1. Confirmation that the bank account has an amount of 4600 euros allocated for entrepreneurial activities.
2. The bank account must additionally have an amount of 2700 euros for living in Slovakia.

Also, for registration, you need to have a legal address, but this can be the address of the place of residence in Slovakia, where you plan to move, or there is an option to rent a legal address (the service costs from 300 euros per year). Our experts are ready to help you with this issue.
STAGE 2. Obtaining a residence permit
You can submit documents while in Slovakia, then you need to contact the immigration service, or in your own country, by contacting the consulate.
Having a certificate of state registration of a business, you can apply for a residence permit on the basis of opening a business by providing the appropriate package of documents.

Employees of our company can provide support in collecting all the necessary certificates, make a translation, affix an apostille and submit an application in the Slovak language.

If you need our help or advice, please call the number +420 721 694 015.
STAGE 3. Moving to one of the cities in Slovakia
After you have registered as an individual entrepreneur and got a residence permit, you can pack your bags and move to Slovakia. As far as where you live, you have options.

You can rent:
  • A hostel – from 100 euros
  • A room – from 250 euros
  • An apartment – from 500 euros

The rental price will depend on the city you choose. For example, in Bratislava, prices are higher, since it is the capital, and in smaller towns, prices are lower. Given that online business is a remote activity, you can choose a smaller city, especially for the first few months of life in a European country.

STAGE 4. Searching for clients
To find clients in Slovakia, first of all, you need to develop and promote your business. Since this is a European country, you need to create your own website where potential clients can find out information about you and your work. For Europeans, this is a sign of reputation, professionalism and that you can be trusted.

After that, register on freelance sites, where you indicate the country of Slovakia so that customers can find you. Use the opportunity to find clients from Slovakia, launch targeted advertising on the Internet.

STAGE 5. Learning Slovak

It will be great if you already know English, but living in Slovakia, you need to overcome the language barrier, which means learning the Slovak language. Given that you will constantly hear it around you, learning will be faster and easier. Study with a tutor or enroll in a language school, as this will expand your business opportunities.

STAGE 6. Accounting and taxes

Accounting is recommended to be outsourced, the service costs from 30 euros per month. And don't forget to pay income tax – 15% per year.

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