Freight business in Slovakia

Freight business is profitable, as there will always be a demand for such services, especially if you build positioning correctly and make unique offers. It is very important in this sphere of business that when opening a cargo transportation company, you can work both in Slovakia and in countries that are part of the European Union. This means that the market is more expanded and customers can be located in different countries.

When drawing up a business plan, you should make approximate calculations, in which consider the following amounts:
  • company registration – 750 euros
  • lease of a legal address – from 250 euros per year
  • license for one vehicle – 700 euros
  • obtaining a residence permit – 1500 euros
  • residence registration in Slovakia – up to 800 euros per year

These are approximate figures, and the cost of individual items may be either more or less than stated.
грузоперевозки в Словакии

How to launch a freight forwarding company in Slovakia?

The first thing to do is to establish a limited liability company (LLC/SRO). There are important nuances to keep in mind when opening a company in Slovakia:
Among the founders of the company may be citizens from any country, and even from those that are not members of the European Union.
Only a citizen with a passport of one of the EU countries, or a person who has a residence permit or permanent residence in Slovakia can be appointed as a director of an LLC.
If you don’t have a residence permit or permanent residence at the time of the creation of a freight transportation company, you can appoint a temporary nominee director, open a company, and then apply for a residence permit due to investment in the business, obtain status and become a director.

Responsible person of the company

When you open a freight forwarding company in Slovakia, you will have to appoint a responsible person. A random person cannot take this position, it must be a representative who has completed special courses in Slovakia on safety in the direction of cargo transportation.
To register an LLC, a standard package of documents is submitted, which our consultant can tell you about, as well as additionally:
A copy of the diploma of the responsible person passing special courses on safety in the field of cargo transportation, which will be notarized.
Receipt of the responsible person that he agrees to this role, being aware of all responsibilities.
These documents must be provided both during the registration of the company and in order to obtain licenses to operate.
Where can you find the responsible person? Firstly, the same person can act as a responsible person in other five cargo transportation companies. Secondly, this person can be attracted to activities in your company. Our employees can help you to find the right responsible person.

Obtaining licenses for a transport company

In Slovakia, there are certain rules that apply to other European countries, namely, a freight forwarding company must obtain the appropriate licenses to carry out its activities. In the plural, since a separate license is issued for each vehicle.
In addition, the company must increase its authorized capital: for the first licensed vehicle by 9,000 euros, and for each subsequent vehicle by 5,000 euros.
Why is this needed? If any of your vehicles causes damage to third parties, this will be a payout guarantee. This money is not on the company’s current account and is documented.
бизнес по грузоперевозкам в Словакии

Hiring employees in a freight forwarding company

The drivers you will hire must provide you with their documents, among which you need to check the presence of a driver’s license of the appropriate category and permission on the E95 form. This is the document that allows him to carry out the transportation of goods.
If you want to hire employees from other countries, you should contact the Ministry of Labor, where you can apply for open vacancies. If none of the Slovaks is interested in your offer, foreign citizens will be able to get this job. This is the procedure for hiring in Slovakia, regardless of the type and form of business.
Our experts can suggest how and where to look for employees for your company so that they meet your requirements as an owner.

Registration of a residence permit for investments

Launching a business is an investment, and you are eligible to apply for a residence permit based on opening a trucking company in Slovakia. This is especially important if you intend to be not just the founder of the company, but its director. To do this, you must have a residence permit or permanent residence. Our experts can assist in collecting the necessary documents, translating them, as well as submitting them to the immigration service or consulate in your country.
Looking for help in obtaining a European residence permit?
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